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Enjoy fast and reliable loan options from our expert financial team at Speedy Loans. It is our first priority to assist every client to the best of our ability, by providing customized solutions through personal quick loans. At Speedy Loans, we only make use of lenders that are registered with the National Credit Regulator, for your security and peace of mind.

Whether you are blacklisted or not, we will take the time to review each online loan application and find a solution that could make a difference in your life. Our personal quick loan options can range in amount, while we also offer flexible options for repayment to ensure a manageable loan is being granted. At Speedy Loans, we believe that every individual in South Africa, regardless of financial status, should be allowed access to loans that are given fairly. Oftentimes, unexpected and expensive events occur that can be demanding on our budgets, causing mental and physical strain on all who are involved.

Rest assured that there are transparent ways to attain personal quick loans – simply fill in our online loan application form and wait to hear from a professional Speedy Loans advisor. Our completely legitimate service is aimed at everyday consumers in need of instant relief.

Please note that all our lenders are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR).