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Consolidation Loans

As a solution to individuals who have multiple monthly payments and debit orders, there are numerous benefits to taking out a consolidation loan, as well as a few factors to consider. Consolidation loans involve consolidating your debt by taking out one single loan that is used to pay off all your other loans – the result is one monthly payment that is easy to manage.

Apart from the convenience of having just one loan every month instead of multiple loans, consolidation loans also provide you with the opportunity to lower the overall sum that will go into paying off various debts, making it easier to survive on your budget and allowing you to have extra money once all your expenses have been taken care of. Another great benefit when taking out a consolidation loan is that you are less likely to miss a monthly instalment, which can quickly lead to a bad credit score and all the complications that come along with being blacklisted. Our professional Speedy Loans team understand the pressures of life's financial burdens; we are here to assist you with fast and flexible consolidation loans.

Applying is easier than you think and our friendly and qualified team are just an email or phone call away to answer any and all questions and help you get started. By taking out a consolidation loan with Speedy Loans, your personal debt re-financing solution can change the outlook you have on your current finances and provide many more stress-free days, while also ensuring that you remain on top of all your debt repayments and save as much money as possible on monthly service fees.

Please note that all our lenders are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR).