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When it comes to dealing with finances, anything can happen. You may find yourself standing on solid financial ground one moment and struggling to manage multiple creditors the next. At Speedy Loans, our expert team can help you climb out of your financial sinkhole and guide you towards a brighter financial future.

Attempting to manage one’s debt can often become overwhelming, especially when dealing with more than one creditor. At Speedy Loans, we simplify the process by offering secure and trusted Consolidation Loans to assist South African consumers. A consolidation loan means consolidating your debt into one amount and then taking out a single loan to pay off that amount. By doing this, every creditor you owe money to will receive the total amount owed to them, and you will be rid of multiple monthly payments, leaving you with a single loan repayment that suits your budget.

The final amount of the consolidation loan you require will affect the amount to be repaid every month. However, your financial responsibilities and income will be taken into account, which may result in a longer repayment period thanks to a lower monthly instalment than what you are currently paying. By having one repayment due instead of several, you will have more money available to spend on the things you need resulting in a greater quality of life for you and your loved ones.

An added benefit of consolidating your debt is that by removing the pressure of managing multiple debts, you will also free yourself from the added expense of varying interest rates and possible late fees adding to your growing debt. Speedy Loans can help you avoid the unnecessary stress of high monthly instalments by providing you with a cost-effective solution and a single loan repayment that suits your budget.

If you would like more information on our consolidation loan services and how we can help you avoid costly repayments, please contact our team today.